Viapearl Global helps technology companies win and grow business in Australia and Asia Pacific through the acquisition of sales talent and arranging meetings with CxO decision makers ..

On behalf of the Viapearl team, we hope that you will find a concise overview of our business building capability, strengths and our people to enable you to make an informed decision to interact and engage with our firm whether as a prospective client or freelancer.

The Viapearl team look forward to working along side you and your business with common aim and purpose.


About Viapearl Global

The Viapearl Global enterprise is a business building firm established in search-recruitment of technology salespeople, with a business development / lead generation and appointment setting subsidiary to ensure that our sales placements and client sales teams stay in front of the competition.

Founded in 2008, Viapearl Global has expanded its operations to Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and Thailand. Viapearl has a long standing  reputation for delivering top-performing sales talent; we help technology companies access a greater pool of talent not available through advertising mediums. Our search recruitment methods lowers the risk of hire, and length of time required to find a suitable candidate for an open sales position.

We are best known for long term placements in Technology companies in Australia and Asia Pacific, focusing on accuracy of job-fit, precision in search and longevity of all placements, offering a 6 – 12 months guarantee for all retained projects, and a full range of services to support our clients tactical and strategic business growth objectives. 

Viapearl Global brings:

  • Experience and Expertise in Sales & Marketing
  • Strategic Networks and Relationships
  • Business-Building Resources; Appointment Setting, Lead Generation
  • Regional APAC Strength, Proven Leadership
  • An established process that delivers results consistently
  • A long-term vision to help clients win through an account planning methodology

 By leveraging our capabilities, you can:

  • Acquire top tier sales & marketing talent
  • Easily augment your in-house talent acquisition capabilities
  • Expand your solutions offerings through strategic acquisition of talent
  • Enhance market expansion opportunities into Asia Pacific
  • Improve go to market speed and deployment of sales team into Asia Pacific
  • Access expertise and advice on sourcing, evaluating and retaining talent

The Viapearl Global value proposition:

  • Viapearl source, evaluate and acquire sales & management talent that helps Technology companies win and grow business in Australia and Asia Pacific.
  • We offer a headhunting service typically utilized only for senior level positions, to all market segments at significantly reduced market rates made possible by our regional infrastructure.
  • We do not advertise open positions. We utilize proven search (headhunting) delivery which allows our clients to reach and access talent that other suppliers seldom reach.
  • All our placements carry a minimum 6 month replacement guarantee, with available extension to 12 months, depending on the job nature and seniority.
  • We help our clients find qualified sales-leads and opportunities through outsourced (BPO) Lead Generation & Appointment Setting.


The Crane is a symbol of longevity, prosperity and loyalty

Our core values are incorporated into our recruitment process thus sending a clear message to consultants entering our firm about the ethos and culture at Viapearl Global. Our consultants are selected based on knowledge, integrity, skill and their inherent capability to extend our core values and business ethics, to our clients’ organisation. 

Cranes are known to have one mate for life and are extremely loyal to their chosen partner. They are strong, graceful and beautiful birds with an extraordinary lifespan of over forty years. Chinese and Japanese culture they are also symbols of prosperity and good fortune and are often painted with the Sun, a symbol of social ambition. Cranes can fly in V formations, often over great distances across continents. Thy are known for rotating positions as they fly and choose leaders who can handle the turbulence while all the rest honk their affirmation.

In today’s business world, leaders are needed who can handle turbulence and who are aware that ‘The followers of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Many of our APAC candidates, like the cranes have ‘regional responsibilities’, they migrate for greater opportunity. At a company level, the V shape formation implies leadership, and a well-executed plan with common aim, values and purpose. It embodies leadership and empowerment working as one and reminds us to think if the company as a fluid form with constant need to empower, create leaders and plan for succession.

For Viapearl Global, the Crane embodies all these qualities. We value loyalty to clients, the strength of relationships and approach gracefully into long term business partnerships. Through our sales and search recruitment expertise, we help our client customers win business in Australia and Asia Pacific.

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